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Sports Cars of the 80's Porsche 959

The 10 Best Sports Cars of the 80’s, But Can You Name Them All?

This is the best ‘most-recognisable-sports-cars-of-the-80’s-but-can-you-name-them-all?’ Quiz. Thats right. You test yourself on your own knowledge of 80’s super cars from road...

How to unsorn your car

How to unSORN Your Car

Funnily enough, ‘how to unsorn your car’ is a question we get asked quite often. It’s sometimes quite cost effective to...

Car Bubble Storage and Air Chamber System

Car Bubble: 4 of the Best Car Air Chambers on the Market

Car Bubble – Belt and Braces Car Storage Air Chambers. At Auto Classica Storage Ltd we have a number of car...

Why Choose a Car Storage Facility - Porsche 911 and Ferrari

Storing a Car: 9 Reasons to Consider Using a Car Storage Facility

Car storage is rarely a luxury and usually more a necessity. Do you perhaps feel that only “Supercars” get put into...

Winter Car Storage - Auto Classica Stoarge Ltd

11 Great Tips To Safely Store a Classic Car Over Winter

Winter Classic Car Storage: How to Store Your Classic Safely You’re planning to put your classic car in storage for the...

Cars To The Claydons - 911sc Targa

Cars To The Claydons

MK Classic Tours Presents: ‘Cars To The Claydons’. Save the Date: Sunday 18th August 2019 A limited numbers, non-competitive yet magnificent...

Porsche Storage - Auto Classica Storage Ltd

Porsche Storage

Porsche Storage Service Auto Classica Storage offers an exclusive Storage for Porsche cars including a Maintenance & Preparation Service in our...

Classic Car Storage - Ford Mustang

Choosing a Car Storage Facility – The Ultimate Guide

Choosing a Car Storage Facility – The Ultimate Guide for your Classic Car, Sports car or Weekend Getaway Car. This post...

How to store a classic car 2

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Classic Car For Long Term Storage

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Classic Car For Long Term Storage Preparing to store your classic car or sports car...

Preparing your car for long term storage

Preparing a Vehicle for Long Term Storage at Auto Classica Storage

The following post considers our recommendations for preparing a vehicle for long term storage before being stored at one of our...