The Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble is a quarterly petrolhead’s paradise, featuring classic cars, motorcycles, classic trucks, vintage bicycles and practically anything nteresting that has wheels, starting in January every year. Commonly referred to as the classic car event ‘opener’ it’s old-timer and young-timer audience has grown hugely since it’s gates first opened in 2014.

We’ve been wrapping up and heading to the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble season opener since 2015 and, despite the unpredictable UK weather, both the number and variety of cars and the venue itself seems to out-do itself with every event.

Unburdened by freezing temperatures (albeit pretty fresh nonetheless) this January’s Scramble was another hugely successful day. The only negative comment I heard all day was that there were too many classic Porsches – and as you’ll quickly realise that is hardly a comment that insight too much upset on my part.

As usual we arrived just before 9am to grab a parking space in the ‘Technical’ area – not that parking has never been a problem with the huge hangars being put to good use in recent years – I always feel that to get the full Bicester experience I really need to be ‘in it’.

And aside from the obvious attractions of Bicester’s Sunday Scramble (lots of aircooled delights on show), highlights for me this year were spending time with my son (his first time at Bicester, armed with a camera) and taking the Targa to it’s first event in the post Blue Pearl era.

It was also a run out for me and my new camera – the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 – and for the first time, aside from sharing a few snap on Instagram, I’m actively putting my head above the parapit for a bit of creative scrutiny.

So for any professional classic car photographers out there, firstly please do accept my humble apologies, but also please do comment (constructively), I’ll take any guidance you may wish to hand out.

Five things to take with you to January’s Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble

1. Layers – yep, first things first. It’s january. Layer Up! Hats, scarfs and gloves also useful additions.

2. A Camera – Or Camera Phone. It’s hard to take a bad picture of cool cars. Charge your battery before you get here and have a spare memory card, there’s way too much to see

3. Cash for Coffee – Thirsty work this looking at cars business and the sausage baps are also helpful energy food to keep you on the move.

4. A Classic Car – Or interesting vehicle of any description. If you have access to one I strongly advise you take it, get there early and park it in or arount the Technical area or one of the hangars for that Full Fat Sunday Scramble Experience

5. A Smile – Seems the ‘grumpy old men’ moniker for the stereotypical demographic for this type of event is a myth. For the most part its a day to be enjoyed, with incredible access to people and cars that you are unlikely to equal – and long may that continue.