How does one go about choosing the right car storage environment for a classic car? Well, in this post we’ll look at some of the things you should consider when choosing a car storage facility that’s right for you.

There are many reasons why you might want to put a classic car into storage. For example, space at home could be limited or the seasons may be changing. Or perhaps you’re going to be away for an extended period and need somewhere safe to keep your vehicle.

Whatever your motivation for seeking out a classic car storage environment, it’s important to ensure that the facility you choose is right for your vehicle, as well as your peace of mind.

After all, our cars are important to us—both in terms of monetary cost, as well as more sentimental or emotional reasons—so it makes sense that we want to be sure our vehicles are well looked after.

But how do you choose the right car storage environment for a classic car? Well, let’s look at some of the things you should think about when choosing a storage facility:

Location, location, location – where will the car be stored?

Any estate agent will tell you that three key points of finding the perfect home are location, location and location. This is equally true for classic car storage.

When seeking the optimal place to store your vehicle, be sure to look for somewhere that’s both discreet and easy to get to – this is of course relative to your needs as we have many car storage clients who live and work abroad.

If a car storage facility isn’t discreet, you might as well send an invitation to thieves asking them to come and haul away your precious vehicle. Signage that draws attention to the storage location is a big no-no, and so is an accurate map location or address on Google!

Of course, you also don’t want a car storage facility that’s hard to access. Privacy is a must, location has to be right for you but if you have to drive your precious investment down a muddy, pot-holed road for 20 minutes to deliver or collect your vehicle, that’s not good either.

The best car storage facilities, we believe, are the ones that are located not too far off a main road and within easy reach of a main town or city.

Generally, they’re found somewhere in the countryside and simply look like a standard agricultural storage shed from the outside. If the building is obscured from view by a row of trees or a conveniently placed hillside, that’s even better.

The car storage environment

When storing a vehicle for any length of time, you’ll want an indoor environment that’s dry, clean and free from pests like rodents, birds and insects.

If you’re especially concerned about the wellbeing of your vehicle, you may also want to look for a facility that offers air chamber storage, dehumidification or climate control. Air chambers are individual pods that provide the ultimate in environmental control and protection for your vehicle, avoiding any chance of moisture or condensation.

Car Security

Keeping your classic car stored in a secured facility is important for your own reassurance. It’s also a must according to your car insurance provider.

When we were setting up the Auto Classica Storage environment, we worked with an Aviva security assessor, who told us what they recommend for a car storage facility:

  • Secure entrance doors
  • Entrance shutters that are (if electric) isolated using a key switch or (if manual) fitted with key-operated shutter pins
  • Intruder alarm
  • CCTV system that covers both the inside and outside of the building
  • Outside nighttime lighting
  • Hard disk recorder
  • Vehicle keys kept offsite in a locked safe

Car History and Documentation

From the moment you make contact with us we’re looking to learn as much about your vehicle as possible. The condition it’s in, any personality traits it may have. Does it like early mornings or does it like to be left alone. We want to know if it has any quirks, if it needs an MOT soon, if it doesn’t like a particular brand of polish. We want to know every little detail.

Paperwork may not be the most glamorous of topics, but when it comes to keeping track of a valuable automobile, its location and its condition, there’s no doubt that getting the details right is essential.

Here at Auto Classica Storage, every car that’s entrusted to us is issued a unique storage ID. The car keys are tagged with that number and stored in a secure offsite location. We also create a private online folder for each vehicle. All documentation, as well as images and video files, are stored here, and we share access to that folder with you.

When you collect the car, we’ll run through the handover process and then de-issue the unique ID code.

Car Storage Services offered

Besides the actual storage of the vehicle, many classic car storage facilities also offer other services, which can make the process of storing a cherished vehicle more convenient, while also ensuring your car is returned to you in great condition. Depending on your requirements, you might want to look for things like:

  • Transport servicesVehicle transport is an option if a car cannot be driven for some reason, if the facility is too far away or if you just don’t have time to drive there yourself.
  • Valeting and Detailing service – A thorough clean, both inside and out, is an essential part of preparing a classic car for storage. And with detailing, the level to which you wish to go is almost endless.
  • Regular condition checks – We recommend that cars in storage be looked over at least every 60 days. During this check, things like the battery conditioner and the tyres should be examined. It’s also a good idea to frequently run the car up to temperature to get the fluids moving around the mechancial and moving parts of the car.

What do you look for in a car storage environment? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below. And if you’re looking for classic car storage in the Milton Keynes area, please get in touch.