Ross came to us with car storage problems – a lack of covered storage at home, for all of his cars – and a new great car, a Mini 1499GT, that needed somewhere safe to live!

He had an equally brilliant story.

Whether cars, motorbikes, classic campers or 4x4s, our role is to carefully store and otherwise take good care of your vehicles when you need the extra room or while you’re away.

Our role is to look after what’s important to you – principally those things with four wheels and some sort of propulsion method.

Whether three months or three years our goal is to understand both yours and your vehicles individual needs and then provide a tailored solution to meet (and exceed) those needs.

If you have Car Storage problems then we give you one less thing to worry about.

We’ve worked with Ross for a short while now and so recently I brazenly asked if he’d give us a few words for a testimonial.

He sent through this…

Articulate, personal and funny – its a brilliant short story that I’m not going to spoil by editing in anyway shape or form. Suffice to say, this is why I love what I do, my clients cars are so much more than just transport.

Here’s Ross’s story;

I’ll always remember my dad’s Mini Clubman 1275GT. It seems a bit crazy, given that I was under 5, but I distinctly remember going back and forward along the M8 motorway with amber pink Strathclyde sunsets with Radio Clyde providing the soundtrack. The song that pertinently sticks in my mind is “You’re Moving Out Today” by Carole Bayer Sager. And yes, I am adamant I was aged 3 or 4.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Mini in its current corporate guise mimicked the classic GT with the 1499. Aside from my beef with which model should be called a Countryman or a Clubman, I simply had to have one. It’s a glorious car – solid, grunty and comfortable. And yet, it’s still as nimble as a sixpence.

But with such a car comes a responsibility, and my travelling and lack of covered parking meant I needed somewhere to store the vehicle away from the hustle and bustle of a summer that seemed to hark back to 1976.

Autoclassica Storage fitted the bill perfectly – not just the facilities and due care and attention, but also the fact that Nick “gets it” and has a real rapport with not just me, but also the 1499GT. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine and he understands how important that is.

If you have a car, or a collection of cars, that are important to you and you’d like them to be looked after attentively, whatever your reasons and whatever your story, we’d be delighted to meet you or speak on the phone, to explore if there is a good fit between what we do and what you need.

Call us on 01908 216166 and book an appointment, or fill out our form on the the contact us page to enquire about space availability.