For all our customers cars our pre-storage safe wash is a must. All our premium service customers receive our Pre-storage safe wash, on their initial induction, as part of the service.

A clean car going in to long term storage results in a clean car coming out of storage without any nasty surprises.

Our Exterior Pre-storage safe wash includes the following process:

Wheels – Brake Dust and Road Grime Removal:

  • Spray wheels with brake dust removal product (we only use professional AutoSmart products), leave and agitate with soft brush
  • Respray with water and snow-foam gun, leave and agitate again with soft brush
  • Sponge down wheels and rinse with clean water

Bodywork – 2 Bucket safe wash:

  • Rinse car to loosen debris
  • Snow-Foam shampoo to loosen stubborn debris and road grime – leave for 2-3mins to soak in.
  • 2 Bucket safe wash using clean, soft wash-mit
  • Rinse with clean water
  • 2 Bucket safe wash using clean, soft wash mit
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry using professional microfibre drying towels and air in hard to reach areas – we use a specialist air-gun for just this purpose.

Interior Pre-storage safe wash – Valet:

  • Remove and dispose of all rubbish from car
  • Remove over matts from foot wells
  • Hoover internal areas inc. all carpets, boot and hood compartments
  • Wipe all surfaces with a surface-friendly AutoSmart product
  • Hoover and replace over matts to foot wells
  • Wipe all glass and mirrors internal and external
  • Wipe steering wheel, function stalks (indicators etc), gear lever, handbrake and door handles
  • Brush dash, dials, radio and vents

Wheels – Tyre dressing:

  • Dress Tyres, Dry Wheel arches and Wheels

We use non-abrasive, clean microfibre towels for the interior and also, clean, non abrasive microfibre, waffle-drying towels for drying the bodywork.

Finally, we use a detailing spray on the exterior of the car to enhance and protect the paint work. Please note. This is not a wax or machine-polish finish.

All cars will be thoroughly dry before being parked in storage, battery conditioner attached and a soft, breathable cover is applied.

The whole pre-storage safe wash process takes between 1hr 30 mins and 2 hours to complete depending on the size of the car.

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