For all our customers cars our pre-storage safe wash is a must. All our premium service customers recieve our Pre-storgae safe wash as part of the service.

A clean car going in to storage will usually result in a clean car coming out of storage without any nasty surpises.

Our Exterior Pre-storage safe wash includes the following process:

Wheels – Brake Dust and Road Grime Removal:

  • Spray wheels with brake dust removal product, leave and agitate with soft brush
  • Respray with water and foam gun, leave and agitate again with soft brush
  • Sponge down wheels and rinse with clean water

Bodywork – 2 Bucket safe wash:

  • Rinse car to loosen debris
  • Foam shampoo to loosen stubborn debris and road grim
  • 2 Bucket safe wash using clean, soft wash-mit
  • Rinse with clean water
  • 2 Bucket safe wash using soft wash mit
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry using professional microfibre dry towels and warm air in hard to reach areas

Interior Pre-storage safe wash – Valet:

  • Remove all rubbish and non—essential ‘stuff’ from car
  • Remove over matts from foot wells
  • Hoover internal areas inc. all carpets, boot and hood compartments
  • Wipe all surfaces with a surface-friendly, coronavirus-unfriendly product
  • Hoover and replace over matts to foot wells
  • Wipe all glass and mirrors internal and external
  • Wipe steering wheel, function stalks (indicators etc), gear lever, handbrake and door handles
  • Wipe dash, dials, radio and vents

Wheels – Tyre dressing:

  • Dress Tyres, Dry Wheel arches and Wheels

We use non-abrasive, clean microfibre towels for the interior and clean, non abrasive microfibre, waffle drying towels for drying the bodywork.

To finish the process we’ll do one of two things.

Either leave the vehicle to dry statically in our indoor drying room or, better, take the vehicle for a 10 – 15 minute drive. Either way all cars will be thoroughly dry before being parked in storage and a soft, breathable cover is applied.

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