What is a Car Bubble?

A Car Bubble or air chamber is typically a clear vinyl bubble that seals around your car. A car bubble will completely protect the vehicle from the elements including dust, dirt, condensation, even insects, rodents and prying fingers are locked out.

Our car storage bubbles or airchambers are a premium car storage solution that prolongs the life and condition of your classic or sports car by keeping a steady stream of air running across your vehicle within a contained and sealed environment.

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This constant supply of air works to dry any hidden areas of moisture when storing your car for the long term and also fights off condenstation build up that can happen even in so-called dehumidified storage facilities.

The benefits of putting your vehicle within a sealed environment are compelling, it even acts as protection against dust and other small debris that can fall on or near your car whilst its laid up in storage, keeping your car’s body and paint work in prime condition.

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Are there Different Types of Car Storage Bubbles?

In short, yes. There are a number of different manufacturers of car storage bubbles each with their own unique selling points. These products are listed below in no particular order of quality or performance.

Car Airchamber by Airflow – What they say…

“Could moisture be killing your car? Unless you store your vehicle in a controlled environment – it most certainly will be; because nothing poses a bigger threat for the cherished car owner than corrosion caused by hidden moisture and constant condensation. Easy to erect, economical to run and simple to use…”

Carcoon Airflow Systems – What they say…

“…the official manufacturers and distributors of the carcoon, bikebubble and workstation product ranges. Established back in 1990’s, Carcoon is the clear market leader in car storage systems in the UK and Worldwide.”

Cair-o-Port by Hamilton Classic – What they say…

“Triple Fans to eliminate moisture getting to your car. Easy access with three doors. Simple Strong design. The Best Protection for your pride & Joy.”

Carcapsule – What they say…

“The CarCapsule is a clear vinyl bubble that seals your car, truck, boat or motorcycle completely away from the elements. Dust, dirt, condensation, even insects and prying fingers are locked out.”

We obviously have our own preference of Car Storage Bubble which we’re happy to discuss with you. You can purchase your own bubble through us, the manufacturer or a number of other distributors or you can hire ours for the duration of your car storage needs.

Who (and what) is the Bubble for?

Air chambers are for owners who beleive their cars deserve that little bit of extra love and protection.

Classic cars, sports cars, luxury cars, restored cars, unique cars, cherished cars. If you want the very best in car storage for your car then an air chamber is a must.

Our air chambers run their fans 24/7, forcing many thousands of litres of filtered, clean air across the surface of your car, evaporating moisture and banishing condensation.

Unlike a some car covers which, when applying or removing, have the potential to scratch your car, within an airchamber nothing touches your cars paintwork.

What does Renting a Car Storage Air Chamber Cost?

Our air chamber spaces can be rented by any customer who wants to keep their pride and joy within an individual  and self-contained storage unit which prevents long term moisture and dust damage to their vehicles.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements as we are only to happy to assist and talk you though all options from short term to long term car storage, and everyday to super to classic car storage.

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Car Bubble – Belt and Braces Car Storage Air Chambers.

At Auto Classica Storage Ltd we have a number of car storage options with our most premium option being the rental of one of our Car Storage Bubbles.

Contact us – we can talk you though all options of long term car storage