Tyre cushions are a fantastic vehicle storage product that can, when the correct product is specifed, lead to increased car tyre life and negate the need for unnecessary financial outlay down the line.

The exciting UK start-up Tyredox will, from January 2022, become the latest in a line of ‘fit-for-purpose’ products used by Auto Classica Storage in our Luxury car storage & management service.

The reason for our choice of tyre cushion (or tyre shoes) was quite simple – Tyredox is a brand born from a passion and knowledge that aligned with our own philosophy of customer-focus, and of well researched and thoughtfully produced, uniquely positioned offerings.

Tyredox Tyre cushions

note. the Tyredox products tend to work best when the wheels are indeed attached to the vehicle.

Here’s what Tyredox say, in their own words

Created by 2 self-proclaimed petrol heads, Sam Ellis, and Ben Ashton, the TyreDox concept was developed whilst working as Aston Martin specialists at one of the country’s leading dealerships.

“We saw that customers were regularly replacing expensive tyres, despite little use and often with really modest mileage,” said Sam Ellis, who at 24, is the youngest ever Concours Judge for The Aston Martins Owners Club.

With less than optimum vehicle storage and a lack of regular movement, tyres can misshapen, with the potential of ovalisation, flat spots, and a perishing of their structure leading to early replacement.

With performance and specialist tyres now upwards of £250 a piece, and specialists often preferring to replace in pairs, it can get very expensive very quickly!

In addition to the potential for tyre damage, leaving the handbrake on during long term storage can potentially risk fusing the brake pads to the discs, clearly far from ideal.

‘Having researched the existing solutions, we were surprised to learn that they were sometimes expensive, often poorly designed and occasionally just plain ineffective,” says Sam, “so we decided a fresh approach was needed”.

Tyre cushions and Tyre shoes for car storageMade in the UK from 93% recycled crumb rubber, TyreDox’s clever shape integrates a grooved ramp for maximum grip, leading to a carefully designed concave cushion.

It’s the surface of this cushion which follows the contour of the tyre, significantly increasing the contact area to spread the load.

“We wanted to deliver a positive feel when the vehicle is correctly located’ says Ben.

“Enabling it to be stored without engaging the handbrake to avoid stretched cables, linkages and sticking brake pads was a key part of our design considerations”.

You can expect a set of TyreDox to cost less than a single premium tyre. Weighing in at over 7kg each they’re going to last too! They have integrated handles to hang out of the way when not in use.

You can now buy Tyredox direct from Auto Classica Storage

It’s a privilege to be able to offer such a great product to our customers for the new year.

Also, from January 2022, Auto Classica Storage will be offering it’s clients other well-chosen and similarly well-created products that we consider to be the most fit for purpose for professional car storage.

Enquire by email further details.