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Highly Secure Car Storage Service

Premium car storage - Auto Classica Storage Premium car storage facility. Our first priority is to our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service and luxury car storage facilities for those who want their cars to be kept in the best possible condition whilst in long term storage.

With regular and persistent movement of working mechanical parts and ancillary functions (radios, alarms etc), we will ensure that your vehicle (or collection of vehicles) is kept in great working condition.

Our Premium car storage service starts with the first point of contact. We discuss every detail of how you’d like your car looked after and we’ll see that instruction is regularly carried out to the letter.

For those who want the best, we also have our exclusive dehumified car storage spaces

Car Storage Service

Initial Handover Process*

At the handover we’ll walk through your car with you to get an understanding of its condition and areas of interest or concern. We photograph and/or video the car as proof of condition including any areas of note (typically in your presence) and then perform a key-handover making sure we understand any unique requirements for start up, locking etc.

* On Site or at Point of Collection.

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Pre-Storage Induction

Reassurance & Peace of Mind

Once your car is safely integrated into our facility, we’ll issue the car with a unique Auto Classica Storage ID which will remain with the car until it is collected. The cars keys will be tagged and a vehicle record will be created.

We’ll also create a pre-storage induction form (typically a pdf file) specifically for your car. We’ll email you a copy of your pre-storage induction form along with images.

Premium classic car storage - Auto Classica Storage Milton Keynes

The Storing Process

When it comes to integrating your car into our car storage facility, we make sure all cars are clean and dry before they are stored. If necessary we’ll arrange an pre-storage maintenance wash. Again, if necessary we’ll provide internal protection eg. Paper floor mats, plastic seat and steering wheel protection covers. We’ll also check tyre pressures are inflated to circa 40-50psi (to reduce flat spotting) .

All our cars in long term storage are supplied with a professional battery conditioner (we typically use a CTek MXS 5.0 or similar) and one of our soft breathable covers. You can buy both of these items from us should you want to own them after the storage period. We are happy to use customers own conditioners if thay have recently been UK PAT tested (within 3 months).

Collection Process

When the time comes to collect your vehicle, we’ll go through the paperwork check with you, run through the car with you and handover the keys. The unique ID will be de-issued – unless you plan to return the vehicle within two weeks – and we’ll wave you on your way.

Premium Car Storage - Auto Classica Storage


Whether you intend to use us over the winter, whilst you’re away or on a more long term basis, we hope that we meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the needs of our clients and we welcome both positive and constructive feedback.

We’re very proud of our 5* Star Google reviews (click on the Google logo) and we’ll work to safeguard our reputation at all costs. If you feel we might be able to add to our service in anyway then we love to hear about it.

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