It’s very easy to forget, with all the glamorous classic car auctions stealing the headlines, that you can still (well, just about, if you’re lucky) pick up cars that may one day become classics.

And when I say ‘everyman classic car auctions’ I really mean the car auctions that may not get the six and seven figure behemoth cars. They may not be the headline grabbers of the classic car auction world. But, they DO sometimes harbour hidden treasures and it’s well worth keeping an eye on them for modern classics and the less fashionable cars as they come on to the market.

My advice; bookmark these everyman classic car auctions and note the dates. Always good to have a good nose through the listings a week or so before the auction date when the listings are nigh-on complete.

Happy hunting 🙂

  1.  Anglian Car Auctions
  2.  Classic Car Auctions
  3.  Barons
  4.  H & H
  5.  Coys
  6.  SWVA
  7.  BCA
  8.  Mathewsons

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